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President Donald Trump picked up an editorial board endorsement from The Boston Herald Tuesday — and is apparently very appreciative of the support.

“Thank you to the Boston Herald,” Trump wrote in a tweet. “A great honor!”

The Herald‘s position largely points to the faults the board sees in Trump’s Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden’s platform, which it quipped is “a risky love letter to social justice warriors and those who believe capitalism is the root of all evil.”

The newspaper takes aim at Biden’s proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy, as well as bumping up the corporate tax rate, and his plans to boost spending for certain initiatives.

The New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Sunday, which had not backed a Democrat in over a century. (While it did not support Trump in 2016 either, the publication stood behind Libertarian Gary Johnson for president.)

“There is no love lost between this newspaper and President Donald J. Trump,” the newspaper wrote in its endorsement, published Sunday. “The Union Leader was very quickly dismissed by then-candidate Trump after we failed to bestow on him our endorsement in the Republican primary four years ago.”

“We were hopeful with Trump’s win that he might change, that the weight and responsibility of the Oval Office might mold a more respectful and presidential man,” the editorial continues. “We have watched with the rest of the world as the mantle of the presidency has done very little to change Trump while the country and world have changed significantly.

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