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Founded in 2020, News Facts Network (NFN) is an independent news site that publishes 100% verified factual news related to the media industry, bias, politics, and science. NFN is a project of Media Bias Fact Check, which is considered the most comprehensive media bias resource.

According to the editor of Media Bias Fact Check, News Facts Network will only publish news summaries that are certified to be factual. While a source may be rated Mostly Factual by MBFC, we will ensure that the article is accurate before publication. In the unlikely event that something is not factual or circumstances change, we will immediately issue a correction.

We also provide news aggregation from left-center, least, and right-center sources who are all rated High in factual reporting. Finally, there is a fact-check feed from credible fact-checkers around the world.

We will feature original news stories written by independent writers/journalists as well These, too, will be certified as factual before publication.

Further, all news stories will be broken into bias categories with links to Media Bias Fact Check to verify source bias.

The mission of News Facts Network is to curate and publish news stories that are certified factual and low biased.

Dave Van Zandt owns News Facts Network through Media Bias Fact Check LLC.


Dave Van Zandt – Editor-in-Chief
Dave Pulver – Writer
Arick Severson – Writer

Contact: editor@mediabiasfactcheck.com

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