Facing a defamation lawsuit, conservative television outlet Newsmax on Friday apologized to Dominion Voting Systems security director Eric Coomer and backed off claims that he manipulated voting machines and counts to thwart the re-election of President Donald Trump.

“Newsmax has found no evidence that Dr. Coomer interfered with Dominion voting machines or voting software in any way, nor that Dr. Coomer ever claimed to have done so,” it said in a statement. “Nor has Newsmax found any evidence that Dr. Coomer ever participated in any conversation with members of ‘Antifa,’ nor that he was directly involved with any partisan political organization.” There has been no evidence that the election was rigged.

Coomer said in December that he received death threats after his photo, home address and details about his family circulated on right-wing websites. “It’s terrifying,” he said.

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By Media Bias Fact Check

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