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A lawyer representing two parents of a student killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting has given two years’ worth of InfoWars host Alex Jones’ text messages to the January 6 committee, CNN reported on Monday, a week after the attorney revealed Jones’ legal team had accidentally disclosed dozens of emails and text messages from Jones’ phone.

Mark Bankston, a lawyer who represented the Sandy Hook parents in defamation lawsuits against Jones, told CNN he was “cooperating with the committee” after telling a judge last week he “intend[ed]” to hand the texts over.

CNN cited a “person familiar with the matter” who said Monday the messages had been turned over to the panel.

The news comes a week after Bankston shared during the Sandy Hook parents’ trial that Jones’ lawyers mistakenly sent years of records from his cellphone proving Jones sent emails and text messages about the massacre after he had previously testified under oath he had searched “Sandy Hook” on his phone and found no results.

It also comes after months of efforts from the House panel to obtain text messages from Jones, who has ties to the leader of the Oath Keepers militia and who the January 6 panel says played a role in orchestrating the rally on January 6.

A representative for the January 6 committee did not respond to a request for comment from Forbes.

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