On 6/6/2021, Media Bias Fact Check officially downgraded the far-right conservative Gateway Pundit to its lowest rating level. Before today, the Gateway Pundit was rated low for factual reporting, which indicates the site has a history of publishing misinformation and needs to be fact-checked on a per article basis.

MBFC has been monitoring the Gateway Pundit since the 2020 Presidential Election and has found that the site has increased its disinformation campaign. They indicate in their review that they are failing fact checks on a near-daily basis since the election. For example, over the last 24 hours, they have failed fact checks here and here. The disinformation generally centers around Covid-19 and election fraud conspiracy theories in support of former President Trump. Based on the consistent publication of false and misleading information, they have been lowered to a rating of Very Low in factual reporting, which results in even less credibility as an information source.

Questionable Reasoning: Propaganda, Conspiracy, Nationalism, Some Fake News, Numerous Failed Fact Checks
Factual Reporting: VERY LOW
Country: USA (44/180 Press Freedom)
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

If their journalistic standards improve, Media Bias Fact Check will adjust their rating accordingly. (D. Van Zandt)

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By Media Bias Fact Check

Media Bias Fact Check was founded by Dave Van Zandt in 2015. Dave is a registered Non-Affiliated voter who values evidence-based reporting.

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