Writers Wanted

We are looking for writers to generate news content. Specifically, we are looking for writers who will summarize big news stories in their own words. We are also looking for people who wish to write more in-depth research and analysis on important topics. You do not have to be a journalist, in fact, you probably shouldn’t be since we cannot pay you at this time. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to gain exposure through a respected outlet affiliated with Media Bias Fact Check, which garners 3 million+ page views per month.


  • All information must be sourced via a hyperlink to only sources that Media Bias Fact Check rates High for factual reporting. (the more sourcing the better)
  • If offering an opinion you MUST present the counter-argument as well.
  • Use minimal emotional language and focus on the facts.
  • News summaries should be no more than 2-4 paragraphs and linked to more than one source.
  • Analysis pieces can be as long as you wish but must be low biased and heavily sourced to only high factual sources.
  • You may source to factually mixed or questionable sources according to MBFC if using as an example or quoting them for your piece.
  • You must use your real name and provide a 1-2 sentence bio in order to be considered for publication.
  • The editor will have the right to change anything in your piece if it violates the above.

If interested or if you simply want to submit an article please send it to editor@mediabiasfactcheck.com


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