In Louisiana’s runoff elections, Republicans achieved a significant victory, securing three powerful statewide positions: attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer. This triumph marks a shift in the state’s political landscape, as Republicans will now control the five most influential roles in Louisiana’s executive branch, complementing their existing majorities in both the House and Senate.

Liz Murrill won the attorney general race, becoming the state’s first female attorney general. She will succeed Jeff Landry, who is set to become governor in January. Murrill’s campaign emphasized a tough-on-crime stance and included legal actions against President Biden’s administration. Nancy Landry, unrelated to the governor-elect, triumphed in the secretary of state race, focusing on updating Louisiana’s voting infrastructure. She becomes the first elected female secretary of state in Louisiana, a position previously held by an appointed woman in 1930. John Fleming, a former congressman and member of Trump’s administration, won the treasurer’s position, aligning closely with Trump’s policies.

These election results complete the restructuring of Louisiana’s executive branch, following Jeff Landry’s gubernatorial win in October. The elections, which also included four proposed constitutional amendments and various local government races, drew national attention, including endorsements from former President Trump for the Republican candidates.

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