Israeli forces entered Al Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, intensifying a siege that has sparked global concern for thousands of trapped civilians. Al Shifa has been targeted in Israel’s ground operation against Hamas, who allegedly operate from tunnels beneath it, a claim Hamas refutes.

Israel’s military reported uncovering weapons and “terror infrastructure” in the hospital, following a clash with fighters outside. They claimed no resistance was met inside from civilians, patients, or staff. Photos showed soldiers with supplies labeled “medical” and “baby food” within the hospital grounds.

The siege has left patients, including newborns, without essential medical power, leading to several deaths. Dr. Ahmed El Mohallalati, a surgeon at Al Shifa, described the harrowing situation as tanks entered, with staff hiding amid fighting. He disputed Israeli claims of militants inside the hospital.

Witnesses reported tanks entering the compound and soldiers conducting searches, with no internal gunfire reported. The United Nations has stressed the importance of protecting medical facilities in conflict zones.

The IDF described the raid as necessary against Hamas, with U.S. backing Israel’s assessment. Hamas condemned the action as a war crime. The conflict, escalating since Hamas militants entered Israel on Oct. 7, has led to widespread casualties and displacement in Gaza.

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