The FBI is currently investigating New York City Mayor Eric Adams in connection with his campaign’s alleged ties to the Turkish government. This probe includes scrutiny over campaign funding and potential foreign influence. Recently, the FBI seized Adams’ personal electronic devices as part of this investigation. The inquiry also extends to Adams’ role in a project involving the Turkish consulate.

Adams has defended his actions, stating that he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. The investigation’s focus is on whether the Adams campaign conspired with Turkish government officials to receive illegal donations. This development follows a raid on the home of Adams’ chief campaign fundraiser, further intensifying the investigation.

The New York Times reported that Adams has made numerous visits to Turkey, raising questions about his connections with the country. City Hall officials have stated there’s no indication that Adams is a target of the FBI investigation. However, the ongoing probe and the recent seizure of Adams’ devices mark a significant escalation in the inquiry into the mayor’s campaign activities and his interactions with foreign entities.

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