The Democratic Party has retained control of the Senate and gained control of the House of Delegates. This shift consolidates their legislative power while the state maintains a Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin. All 140 seats of the legislature were contested in an election that drew national attention, with involvement from President Biden and former President Barack Obama supporting the Democratic campaign through emails and robocalls. Governor Youngkin’s political action committee also actively funded the Republican campaign.

Abortion rights, although not directly on the ballot, were a significant issue throughout the campaign, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In Petersburg, a key district, voters prioritized abortion in their decision-making. The Republican stance, led by Youngkin, proposed a 15-week abortion ban with certain exceptions, aiming for a moderate approach.

The Democratic National Committee has expressed optimism about the election results as an indicator of momentum for the party. House Democratic minority leader Don Scott, a potential candidate for House Speaker, highlighted the importance of the election’s outcome for future political strategies, including the 2024 presidential race. If elected as Speaker, Scott would be the first Black individual to hold the position in the Virginia House of Delegates. The selection for the Speaker is scheduled for Saturday.

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