In one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the U.S., tens of thousands gathered in the nation’s capital, advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza and criticizing U.S. support for Israel. The rally, organized by pro-Palestinian groups, began at Freedom Plaza and proceeded past the White House. Speakers and protesters condemned President Biden’s backing of Israel, labeling it a “genocide” of Palestinian people. Calls were made to end U.S. funding for Israel in the conflict.

Participants held a moment of silence for the over 9,480 Palestinians reportedly killed in the last four weeks by Israeli military actions. The protest drew national support, with buses arriving from cities across the country. Attendees expressed diverse motivations but united in their call for a cease-fire and a resolution to the conflict. Despite these calls, U.S. officials have not demanded a cease-fire but have urged Israel for a “humanitarian pause” in its military offensive.

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