By Dave Van Zandt

Former President Donald Trump has announced plans to appeal a recently reimposed gag order by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan in his federal election interference case. Trump labeled the judge as “very Biased, Trump Hating” and argued that the order infringes on his First Amendment rights. He expressed these views on Truth Social, stating the gag order puts him at a “disadvantage” both legally and in his presidential campaign. Judge Chutkan reinstated the gag order nine days after temporarily lifting it. The initial order, dated Oct. 16, restricts Trump from making specific public comments about witnesses and prosecutors involved in the case.

In another post, Trump questioned the timing of the Justice Department’s cases against him, suggesting they were strategically filed to impact his campaign. He referred to the indictments as “Third World Biden Indictments.” Prosecutors have called for the gag order’s reinstatement to “prevent harmful and prejudicial conduct.” Trump has pleaded not guilty to four felony charges related to election interference.

Primary Source: The Hill

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