By Dave Van Zandt

The conservative group Moms for Liberty, known for challenging school diversity and inclusion policies, has become a focal point in the mayoral race in Carmel, Indiana. Democratic candidate Miles Nelson has asked his opponent, Republican Sue Finkam, to publicly denounce the group. Finkam has not responded to these calls.

The Hamilton County chapter of Moms for Liberty, which is limited to endorsing school board candidates, has accused Nelson of campaigning to “silence parents.” The group previously attracted attention for quoting Adolf Hitler in its inaugural newsletter and later apologized. Nelson, who identifies as a “man of devout Jewish faith,” has spoken out against the group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified Moms for Liberty as an “anti-government extremist group.” Despite the mayoral office having no administrative power over school districts, the group’s influence has become a topic of discussion in the race, dividing both candidates and residents.

Primary Source: The Hill

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