House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said Sunday that nine candidates have joined the race for speaker after Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, dropped his bid last week.

Stefanik, R-N.Y., noted on X that the deadline to announce speaker bids was noon ET Sunday.

The GOP candidate forum was set for 6:30 p.m. ET Monday. Then, an internal conference vote will occur 9 a.m. Tuesday. Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., has said his intention is to move to a floor vote “as soon as Tuesday.”

After his defeat on the House floor for a third time last week, Jordan’s speakership bid fell apart Friday after he lost a vote of confidence at a closed-door meeting of Republicans.

The internal, secret-ballot vote was 86 Republicans for Jordan and 112 saying they wanted to move on from him and go with someone else, lawmakers said as they left the meeting.

These are the candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring after Jordan dropped out:

  1. Tom Emmer of Minnesota: Emmer, the No. 3 Republican in leadership, has received an endorsement from ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy and aims to build on teamwork and communication.
  2. Mike Johnson of Louisiana: Johnson, an attorney and former talk show host, plans to lead with a specific plan and bold, decisive action while adhering to core conservative principles.
  3. Jack Bergman of Michigan: Bergman, a retired Marine lieutenant general, emphasizes the need to focus on funding the government and ensuring security rather than engaging in infighting.
  4. Byron Donalds of Florida: Donalds aims to focus on border security, responsible government funding, and advancing a conservative vision for the House.
  5. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma: Hern, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, calls for unity and a different type of leadership with a proven track record of success.
  6. Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania: Meuser, a former business executive, is considering a bid to bring a business perspective to the House.
  7. Gary Palmer of Alabama: Palmer, a fifth-term congressman, has been the chair of the Republican Policy Committee since 2019 and serves on multiple committees.
  8. Austin Scott of Georgia: Scott, who had previously challenged Jim Jordan for the speaker role, aims to lead by doing the right things the right way.
  9. Pete Sessions of Texas: Sessions, a former Rules Committee chairman, believes he can forge a positive path as a conservative leader who can unite the Conference.

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