The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the North Carolina Democratic Party on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina State Board of Election immediately after a pair of GOP-backed election laws went into effect when the state legislature voted to override the Democratic governor’s veto on Tuesday.

The lawsuit challenges Senate Bill 747, which the plaintiffs claimed “is designed to undermine the right to vote in North Carolina.”

The plaintiffs focus on same-day voting changes in the bill. Specifically, the lawsuit takes issue with provisions that require voters who register on the same day to produce additional documentation that other voters registering to vote are not required to produce.

The plaintiffs take issue with the fact that those same-day registrants’ ballots would then be discarded if one verification notice is returned undeliverable. The plaintiffs note that registration applications by other voters cannot be rejected unless there are two undeliverable verification notices, and even then, non-same-day voter-registration applicants have a method to appeal the ruling, which is not the case for same-day registrants.

“These provisions are not justified by any sufficient state interest, and they will deny eligible voters their fundamental right to cast ballots and have those ballots counted,” plaintiffs said.

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