By Dave Van Zandt

In a move that has drawn criticism from several quarters, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has turned down a request to host a forum for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The decision comes as Zelensky sought to address the U.S. Congress during his visit, aiming to bolster support amidst escalating tensions with Russia.

“We have always been clear about our support for Ukraine, but this is not the right time for such an event,” stated McCarthy, defending his decision. However, some members of Congress voiced their concerns over the refusal. “It’s disappointing to see partisan politics come before our international allies,” remarked an unnamed Congressional member. Another added, “The U.S. has a duty to stand with Ukraine, especially in these trying times.”

The U.S.-Ukraine relationship has been under the spotlight in recent American politics, making McCarthy’s decision all the more significant. As the situation unfolds, the international community watches closely, awaiting further developments.

Primary Source: New York Times

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