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The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, has called for a formal inquiry into allegations of “abuse of power, obstruction and corruption” surrounding the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family.

The Republicans have been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings prior to Biden taking office, but the impeachment push has been viewed as politically motivated by Democrats. The White House has dismissed the move as such, and it further divides lawmakers who are already struggling to pass legislation and avoid a government shutdown.

McCarthy is under pressure from his right flank to take action against Biden while also trying to pass legislation and prevent a government shutdown. He is planning closed-door meetings to discuss the impeachment inquiry, but there is no clear end game to the situation.

The impeachment push by Republicans comes as former President Trump, who was twice impeached but acquitted, faces more serious charges in court. While House Republicans have been probing Hunter Biden’s business dealings, they have not produced concrete evidence linking him and President Biden. The Oversight Committee chairman is seeking banking records for Hunter Biden to understand the flow of money. There are also concerns about government funding running out at the end of the month, with conservatives pushing for spending cuts.

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