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Florida’s public university system on Friday voted to approve the Classic Learning Test (CLT), a college entrance exam, making it the first state to accept an alternative to the SAT.

Backed by Christian schools and conservative political groups, the CLT was first introduced in December 2015 and is currently accepted by over 250 American colleges and universities, according to its website. The $59 online test consists of a three-section, two-hour exam that assesses verbal reasoning, grammar and writing as well as quantitative reasoning.

Students will also have the ability to view their scores the same day they complete the test.

“The CLT places a strong emphasis on classical education, which includes a focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills,” Ray Rodrigues, Chancellor of the State University System of Florida, said in a statement, as reported by Reuters. “It is designed to align with a classical liberal arts curriculum, which some educators and institutions believe provides a more well-rounded and meaningful education.”

Fourteen of the Board of Governors, who voted to approve the test, were appointed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has repeatedly challenged the nonprofit College Board by calling for a ban on the organization’s new Advanced Placement( AP) high school curriculum in African American Studies and by advocating for restrictions on LGBTQ+ material in the classroom .

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