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Federal prosecutors are planning to seek an indictment of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, by the end of the month. The charges are said to be related to a gun possession case and his business dealings. However, Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys argue that he has complied with the terms of their original agreement on the gun charge. Meanwhile, House Republicans are reportedly preparing for a possible impeachment inquiry against President Biden over unproven allegations about his involvement in his son’s foreign business affairs.

Investigations into Hunter Biden’s financial affairs have been ongoing since Republicans took control of the House earlier this year. However, despite efforts to link his business dealings to his father, there is no evidence to suggest that President Biden was directly involved in his son’s work. The focus has now shifted to the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden, with whistleblower testimony alleging that he received special treatment.

Hunter Biden was previously charged with failing to pay taxes and was expected to plead guilty in July. However, concerns were raised about the specifics of the deal, and the case fell apart. If prosecutors do file a new gun possession charge, it may face court challenges. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has named David Weiss as a special counsel to lead the investigation into Hunter Biden.

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