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On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the ban on hormone therapy for minors in Georgia can resume. This decision comes after a federal appeals court upheld a similar law in Alabama last month. The Georgia ban was previously stopped by a court injunction, which was issued a day before the ruling on Alabama’s ban.

Under the Georgia ban, current young patients on hormone therapy can continue their treatment, but new patients cannot receive the same care. Additionally, the ban prohibits gender-affirming surgeries for minors. A group of parents who have transgender children filed a lawsuit against the state in June, arguing that the ban infringes on their parental rights.

Last month, Judge Sarah Geraghty ruled that if the ban was not halted, the plaintiffs would suffer “irreparable harm.” She stated that without an injunction, middle-school-age plaintiffs would not have access to a course of treatment recommended by their healthcare providers based on their individual diagnoses and mental health needs.

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