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Criticism has been aimed at Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville for blocking military nominations, with military secretaries warning of the negative impact it could have on the armed services. Tuberville’s opposition is related to the Pentagon’s abortion policies for service members, and his actions have been denounced by the Pentagon, President Joe Biden, and other senators.

The secretaries argue that Tuberville’s protest is unfair to military leaders and their families and it poses a risk to national security. Over 300 generals and admirals are currently in limbo due to Tuberville’s holds, and this number could rise to 650 by the end of the year.

The lack of confirmed active chiefs in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps is also causing problems with decision-making and causing stress for officers and their families. The secretaries are urging Senate Leader Chuck Schumer to move forward with military nominations on the Senate floor. Despite some Republican lawmakers having mixed feelings, the secretaries believe it is time to end the hold and confirm senior military leaders.

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