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Fulton County Judge, Scott McAfee, has made a ruling that all legal proceedings concerning the case of Donald Trump’s alleged interference in the election will be available to the public via a live stream. Members of the media will be permitted to use their personal devices, such as computers and cellphones, to access the court proceedings, but are prohibited from recording any part of the trial. This decision provides an unprecedented level of access to one of the most high-profile cases in American history.

Democratic members of Congress, led by California Representative Adam Schiff, have called for Trump’s federal criminal trials to be televised, arguing that it is important for the public to see the trial unfold firsthand and assess the credibility of witnesses and evidence presented. Trump’s legal team is divided on the matter, with some opposing cameras in court while others support the idea.

The decision to live-stream the trial comes after Trump pleaded not guilty to charges of election interference in Georgia. This is the fourth criminal indictment he has faced as he continues his re-election campaign for the White House. Trump denies any wrongdoing and insists that the prosecutions are politically motivated.

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