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President Biden and former President Trump are neck and neck in a hypothetical 2024 matchup in Arizona, new polling shows.

A new survey from Emerson College Polling found Trump with nearly 45 percent and Biden with just over 43 percent in the state, a 1.5-point difference within the poll’s 2.6-point margin of error.

Another nine percent of registered Arizona voters said they’d support someone else in a hypothetical Trump-Biden general matchup, and four percent were undecided.

Trump and Biden are both polling as the clear frontrunners of their parties — both in Arizona and nationwide — as the 2024 race gets rolling, setting the field up for a rematch of the pair’s 2020 presidential contest.

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The new survey found Biden leading the Democratic field with 65 percent support, far ahead of the 10 percent earned by Robert Kennedy Jr., and the 2 percent garnered by Marianne Williamson. Nearly a quarter of Arizona Democratic voters, 21 percent, said they’re undecided.

Trump led the crowded GOP field with 58 percent support, followed by 11 percent who said they backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Six percent supported former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and 4 percent backed conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. All other GOP candidates snagged 3 percent or less, with another 9 percent saying they’d back someone else. Just 0.5 percent of the state’s GOP primary voters said they’re undecided.

Adding Green Party candidate Cornell West to the general election hypothetical narrowed the gap between Biden and Trump even further. In that scenario, Trump received 42 percent of the vote to Biden’s 41 percent, while West snagged four percent.

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