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A federal judge in New York has dismissed former President Donald Trump’s counterclaim against the writer E. Jean Carroll, finding that Carroll’s assertion that Trump raped her is “substantially true.”
A civil trial jury in May found that Trump “sexually abused” Carroll in the mid-1990s and awarded her $5 million, but did not find him liable for “rape.” Trump’s attorneys claimed she defamed him in an interview the next day, on May 10, when she said he raped her — an allegation she had made repeatedly over the years.

But U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, in his 24-page ruling Monday, said the jury found Trump raped Carroll “as the term is understood more broadly.”

He wrote that while the jury concluded Trump was not liable for rape according to New York penal code — which requires proof of forceful penetration involving the attacker’s genitals — the jurors’ conclusion that he was liable for sexually abusing her by forcefully inserting his fingers was an “implicit determination that Mr. Trump digitally raped her.”

“Ms. Carroll’s statements are ‘substantially true,'” Kaplan wrote.

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