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A former Republican candidate for Michigan attorney general and a former state representative were charged Tuesday for allegedly tampering with voting machines after the 2020 election, according to court records.

GOP attorney general candidate Matthew DePerno, who was endorsed by former President Trump, and former Michigan state Rep. Daire Rendon (R) were charged with illegally accessing voting machines.

Prosecutors allege that DePerno led a group who moved five voting machines to a hotel room, broke into them and performed “tests” on them.

DePerno was charged with undue possession of a voting machine, while Rendon was charged with conspiracy to commit the same offense.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel outsourced the investigation to a special prosecutor, given that she had run against DePerno in an election the previous cycle. That special prosecutor began an investigation in September.

“We know the 2020 Presidential Election in Michigan was the most heavily scrutinized election in American history, and every audit and review found the election to be secure, fair, and accurate to the will of the voters,” Nessel said in a statement Tuesday.

“The alleged actions by these defendants, and others, who worked to erode trust in our election system caused undeniable harm to our democracy.”

The pair were arrested Tuesday, according to court documents.

According to his attorney Paul Stablein, DePerno “categorically denies any wrongdoing and firmly asserts that these charges are unfounded and lack merit.”

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