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The Fulton County sheriff said Tuesday that threats have been made against himself and District Attorney Fani Willis (D) ahead of potential indictments over the investigation into former President Trump’s alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia.

Sheriff Patrick Labat said at a press conference Tuesday that the department has run those threats “to the ground.” He said the department will continue to use its Criminal Investigations Division and other resources to hold those making threats “accountable.”

“As my mom has said, ‘You asked for this job,’” he said when asked how he felt about threats made against him. “And our goal is to protect not just the DA — the judges and everybody that has received those threats. We’ve done a really good job of running those to ground. And again, as those individuals continue to make threats, go after those bad actors and hold them accountable.”

Labat said his office had made an arrest in connection to threats made several months ago, but the more recent threats remain under investigation.

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