President Joe Biden on Friday will sign an executive order revamping the way sexual assault and other crimes are handled in the military, the White House said.

The order implements legislative changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice wrapped into the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. Under the changes, prosecution of sexual and related crimes will be handled by special victims units in the services, outside the military chain of command.

“This is a turning point for survivors of gender-based violence in the military, and represents the most significant transformation of the military justice system since the UCMJ was established in 1950,” a senior administration official told reporters Thursday.

Covered offenses include sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, manslaughter and kidnapping, among other crimes.

The NDAA provisions set a December 2023 deadline for full implementation of the changes, and the newly minted Offices of Special Trial Counsel will be operational by then, officials said.

The executive order creates the rules that will govern the offices and establishes that prosecutorial decisions made by the special trial counsel are binding and independent from the chain of command.