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By Dave Van Zandt

Nebraska’s recent legislative decision has stirred up controversy and protests as it combines a 12-week abortion ban with restrictions on gender-affirming care for minors.

The bill was narrowly passed in the Republican-dominated legislature and subsequently signed into law by the state’s Republican governor. The law is now one of the most restrictive in the nation, prohibiting physicians from performing abortions after 12 weeks. Moreover, it also bans gender-affirming care for Nebraskan children, a move that has been criticized by medical groups and advocates who argue that such restrictions further marginalize transgender youth and threaten their health.

The bill’s passage has sparked protests at the capitol and outcries from opponents. In an incident where protesters hurled tampons at Nebraska lawmakers, at least six people were arrested. This recent law comes when several other states have also enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming medical care for minors. It follows a trend of increasingly restrictive abortion laws across the country that has been met with both support and opposition.

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