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Whoopi Goldberg has apologized for using a racially insensitive word during a live episode of “The View” while discussing Donald Trump’s possible reasons for paying off adult entertainer Stormy Daniels. The word was not bleeped out during the East Coast airing, but the clip later posted on “The View’s” official YouTube page had the word bleeped out.

The word in question was once an Americanism used to describe being cheated or swindled, but it has long been recognized as offensive to the Romani, or Roma, people and is a derivative of a word that once derogatorily described their ethnicity.

Goldberg, who was previously suspended from the show for making erroneous comments about the Holocaust and Jewish people, apologized in a follow-up video, stating that she should have said “cheated” instead of using the word in question and that she was “really, really sorry.”

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Primary Source: LA Times

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