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The first wave of House Republicans’ politically hot investigations of the Biden administration starts today.

The Oversight Committee will question officials on alleged fraud and abuse in pandemic assistance, while the Judiciary Committee will hear from local officials about Biden’s handling of issues on the Southwest border.

The hearings launch what’s likely to be months of investigating issues ranging from COVID’s origins to Hunter Biden’s business dealings to GOP claims that the FBI has been biased against conservatives.

The investigations come after years of Democrats’ use of oversight and subpoena power to investigate former President Trump on a range of subjects, including his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection .The Jan. 6 panel’s hearings were notable in part for their slick production, aimed at viewers across the nation. It’s unclear whether Republicans will use similar tactics, but the hearings will give the GOP opportunities to score political points—and Democrats a chance to counter them.

The hearings are likely to be contentious because they will involve some of biggest personalities and aggressive debaters in Congress: Reps. Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene for the Republicans, and Jamie Raskin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the Democrats.

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