Elon Musk appears to have fired one of Twitter’s software engineers Monday after the pair argued publicly over what Musk said was the company’s subpar experience for Android users.

And it looks like he did it in a tweet.

Eric Frohnhoefer, whose LinkedIn account says he worked at Twitter for more than eight years, apparently did not receive formal notice of his firing before or at the time Musk tweeted about it, according to internal Slack messages obtained by CNBC.

Asked by a colleague whether he learned of his firing through the tweet, Frohnhoefer responded, “News to me,” according to the Slack messages.

Frohnhoefer quote-tweeted Musk’s “fired” tweet late Monday morning with a salute emoji that has been used by many current and former Twitter employees recently around the layoffs.

By early Monday evening, Frohnhoefer had tweeted out a screenshot of his computer showing that it had been locked, adding: “Guess it is official now.”

Frohnhoefer did not respond to a request for comment. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The apparent public firing adds to what has already been a tumultuous run for Musk since he took control of the company late last month. He has laid off large chunks of the company’s workforce, overseen the chaotic rollout-rollback-rollout-rollback of the platform’s new paid verification service and sparred with critics.

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