A total of 42% of Republicans in the U.S. identify as “MAGA” Republicans, while 58% disavow the term, according to a new national poll by J. Ann Selzer and Grinnell College.

Overall, 17% of respondents said they identify as MAGA Republican when told the phrase and asked if it describes them, the poll found.

The survey, released Wednesday, comes after President Joe Biden has opened a line of attack against Donald Trump and his “MAGA” allies as a radical group with some fascist inclinations. The term stands for “Make America Great Again” and has become a shorthand for Trump’s brand of politics, which has seized control of the GOP.

The survey offered a deep dive into the demographics of the Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who embrace the “MAGA” label.

They are disproportionately male (59%), 55 and older (55%), white (77%), lacking a college degree (76%), and make more than $50,000 a year (60%). Substantial majorities identify as conservative (81%), strong Republicans (65%) and Protestant (61%).

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