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After two years of lawsuits, a court finally unsealed key evidence from the FBI’s 2020 investigation of North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr for allegedly trading stocks based on nonpublic information.

Public records at the time show that Burr abruptly liquidated more than half of his and his wife’s equity holdings in February of 2020, when most of the world had yet to focus on the looming coronavirus crisis.

Burr was ultimately not charged with breaking any laws, but the newly released records show FBI agents believed Burr had committed insider trading and securities fraud.

The most compelling new evidence is the flurry of calls and texts between Burr, his wife Brooke Burr, her brother Gerald Fauth and Fauth’s wife that took place on the same days that both the Fauths and the Burrs sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock right before the market plunged.

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