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Early data show the Mar-a-Lago search may have bolstered former President Trump’s strength in a potential 2024 GOP primary, even though his fight with the FBI could mean vast new legal jeopardy.

An NBC News poll out Sunday shows Trump tightening his hold on Republicans. Several polls show him rising against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who had been surging in key states.

Several anti-Trump GOP strategists say they’re worried the FBI search put wind in Trump’s sails.

A source close to Trump says the fundraising effect has been “yuge,” re-engaging donors in the biggest way since he left office. To juice up the base, Trump’s fundraising texts and emails accuse the FBI of “breaking into my home,” even though agents had a search warrant.  When Trump was fading from the news cycle, Republicans were able to focus on criticisms of the left — COVID regulations, educational practices, and accusations of media bias.

Those played to DeSantis’ strengths and even allowed him to get to Trump’s right on some issues. Since the search, Trump is once again at the center of attention. He has once again been able to align his own personal grievances with the Republican base — that a “Deep State” bureaucracy is out to get him.

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