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The members of an Alabama city council voted Thursday to “temporarily” disband its three-officer police department, which it couldn’t fire after racist texts from one of the officers were revealed.

The Vincent City Council voted unanimously on an ordinance that would temporarily abolish the department, which will take effect next week, The Birmingham News reported.

Vincent is a small city of about 2,000 people located around 35 miles southeast of Birmingham.

The decision came after one of the officers allegedly sent a text message with racist language and a joke involving slavery and pregnant women to a colleague in June. The officer has not been identified.

Vincent has been functioning without any active police officers since an emergency city council meeting was held earlier this month and city leaders voted to suspend its police chief and assistant police chief with pay, CNN reported.

The third officer resigned that evening, and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has provided emergency law enforcement response services to the city since then.

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