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Former President Trump laid into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Sunday after Senate Democrats passed their long-awaited health care, tax and climate package.

“Mitch McConnell got played like a fiddle with the vote today by the Senate Democrats,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“First he gave them the fake Infrastructure Bill, then Guns, never used the Debt Ceiling for negotiating purposes (gave it away for NOTHING!), and now this,” Trump said. “Mitch doesn’t have a clue – he is sooo bad for the Republican Party!”

Trump has repeatedly criticized the top Senate Republican, who the former president calls “Old Crow,” since leaving the White House after the duo’s relationship soured over McConnell’s acceptance of President Biden’s victory in 2020.

Trump’s latest attacks come after all 50 Senate Democrats on Sunday voted in favor of the sweeping legislative package, which would invest billions in climate-related programs, enable Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and reduce the federal deficit.

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