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Suspected gunman planned Highland Park shooting for weeks and dressed like a woman to avoid detection, police say

The man held by police in connection with the mass shooting at a July Fourth parade planned the attack for weeks — and dressed like woman to avoid detection, authorities said Tuesday.

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, who was picked up by police hours after the fatal shootings, scaled a fire escape ladder to make himself a sniper’s nest to fire on paradegoers below on Monday, authorities said.

“But we do believe Crimo pre-planned this attack for several weeks,” Chris Covelli, spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, told reporters on Tuesday.

Covelli also revealed Crimo dressed in women’s clothes, in part, to distract from his facial tattoos.

“During the attack, he was dressed in women’s clothes,” Covelli said. “He wore that in an attempt to conceal himself.”

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