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Americans’ Support For Government Action On Abortion Surges After Roe V. Wade Decision, Poll Finds

The percentage of Americans that think abortion and women’s rights should be among the government’s top priorities has almost tripled in the past six months, a new Associated Press/NORC poll finds, as Democrats in particular urge politicians to take action to shore up abortion rights in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The poll found 22% of U.S. adults named abortion or women’s rights as one of the top five priorities they think the government should “work on” in the next year, the AP poll found, which is up from just 8% that said the same the last time the question was asked in December.

The poll was conducted June 23-27, which is both before and after the Supreme Court’s ruling on June 24.

Democrats were significantly more likely to want the government to prioritize abortion, with 33% listing it as a priority—up from 13% in December—versus 11% of Republicans (versus 5% in December).

Respondents were also much more likely to list abortion as a priority if they were polled after the Supreme Court’s ruling: 37% of women polled after Roe was overturned listed abortion as a top priority versus 21% who said the same in June before the court’s ruling, and the share of men saying that abortion should be prioritized surged from 6% before the order came out to 21% after.

Republicans were the least impacted by the ruling, with 9% listing abortion as a priority before the decision came out and 14% after (versus a jump from 18% to 42% among Democrats).

The AP notes that the most anti- and pro-abortion rights respondents were roughly equally as likely to say the government should work on abortion—which is notable because those with the most conservative abortion views have historically been more likely to prioritize the issue.

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