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Fact Check: High U.S. Gas Prices In 2022 Are NOT Related To Closed Pipelines

Are high U.S. gas prices in 2022 related to closed pipelines? No, that’s not true: The high gas prices in 2022 are mostly attributed to the price of crude oil, along with global economics and world affairs. There is no evidence that closed pipelines have dramatically affected gas prices in 2022. Although President Joe Biden blocked the rest of the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in January 2021, the pipeline’s effect on gas prices is unknown, considering it was never completed.

The claim appeared in a Facebook post on May 17, 2022. The post included a screenshot of a tweet supposedly posted on May 17, 2022, that stated “BREAKING: Gas prices have reached at least $4.00 per gallon in all 50 states.” The caption of the Facebook post reads:

Re-Open the pipelines!

According to data from the American Automobile Association, average regular gas prices in all 50 states were $4.00 or higher on May 17, 2022. However, those prices did not appear to be affected by pipeline closures. In an email sent to Lead Stories on May 19, 2022, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) told us the claim was “a little too non-specific for us to address directly,” but included a gas prices explainer stating that high gas prices are primarily caused by the prices of crude oil. The EIA’s explainer says that other components of gas prices include federal and state taxes, distribution and marketing, and refining costs and profit.

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