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Pelosi to proceed with vote on Russia oil ban

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her caucus Tuesday that the House will still proceed with a vote to ban Russian oil imports despite pending executive action by President Joe Biden.

The White House has shifted its position on an ban on Russian oil imports to punish the country for its invasion of Ukraine. Just days ago the White House was rejecting the move out of fear that an import ban would send U.S. gas prices skyrocketing. But bipartisan support for the action in both the House and the Senate in recent days has helped drive a shift in Biden’s stance.

A Democratic aide confirmed that Pelosi informed colleagues that the House will vote on a Russian oil import ban as part of a larger package of measures designed to help Ukraine in its fight to fend off the Russian attack. The aide said the White House had been suggesting for days it would act but was only now proceeding after pressure from Congress.

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