Trump places fault for Russia invasion of Ukraine on Biden during CPAC speech

Former President Donald Trump spoke at length during the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, placing fault for the aggression on the policies of President Joe Biden.

Trump seemed to largely downplay the invasion of Ukraine, telling his supporters that “the Biden administration cares more about taking care of citizens of a distant foreign nation than our own citizens.”

“Biden has obsessed for months over how to stop the invasion of a foreign country thousands of miles away,” Trump said. “You can’t defend western civilization if you would not be able to defend our own civilization.”

The former president said that Democrats believe “Ukraine sovereignty must be defended at all costs” but that the U.S. has “a border that’s a catastrophe.”

“Under Joe Biden we are losing our country no different than had we lost it in a war,” Trump said.

Trump said that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if he was president because under his administration “Russia respected America just like every other country respected America and they really respected us a lot.”

“Joe Biden is weak,” Trump said. “And when you have a weak president who is not respected by other nations you have a chaotic world. And this world has not been as chaotic since World War II.”

Trump said that he had “no doubt” that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine because of the “pathetic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.”

The Afghanistan withdrawal came after the Trump administration had signed an agreement with the Taliban in 2020 promising to fully withdraw troops by May 2021. The removal of troops from Afghanistan was completed under the Biden administration in August 2021.

“Afghanistan was a surrender for no reason whatsoever,” Trump said Saturday.

Trump said in his speech that he remains the only U.S. president of the 21st Century under which Russia has not invaded another country.

“Under [former President George W. Bush], Russia invaded Georgia. Under [former President Barack Obama], Russia took Crimea. Under Biden, Russia invaded Ukraine,” Trump said. “I stand as the only president in the 21st Century under whom Russia did not invade another country.”

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