Justice Clarence Thomas’s Wife Ginni Behind Group That Reportedly Pushed January 6 ‘Fake Electors’ Scheme

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife serves on the board of a right-wing activist group that pushed Republican state lawmakers to appoint “fake” electors and challenge the Electoral College result, the New York Times reports, adding to growing concerns over Ginni Thomas’s influence on the Supreme Court and the whether the 6-3 conservative court is too politicized.

Thomas’ wife, Ginni, serves on the board of C.N.P. Action, the political advocacy arm of the right-wing Council for National Policy, which the Times reports circulated an “action steps” document after the 2020 presidential election that advocated for challenging the election results in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

C.N.P. Action told its members to “pressure” GOP state lawmakers to appoint alternate slates of electors in states that President Joe Biden won, in an effort to get Congress to recognize those electors over the Democratic ones, claiming there was “historical, legal precedent” for doing so.

The Times notes the effort “would have almost certainly” gone before the Supreme Court if the GOP lawmakers had succeeded.

C.N.P. Action broadly pushed for members to challenge battleground state results, the Times reports, noting one such effort—a Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker’s effort to overturn that state’s results—ultimately went before the Supreme Court, where it was rejected.

When the Supreme Court then separately rejected a full hearing on that Pennsylvania lawsuit after the election, Thomas issued a dissent that the Times notes “echo[ed]” C.N.P. Action’s arguments, saying the court not taking up the case “invite[s] further confusion and erosion of voter confidence.”

The Times piece also added to previous reporting on Ginni Thomas’ involvement with the January 6 rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol building, reporting she played a “peacemaking role” between different groups involved with the rally.

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