Trump loses fight to toss lawsuits accusing him of sparking Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Former President Donald Trump on Friday lost an effort to dismiss lawsuits by members of Congress and two police officers accusing him and others of sparking the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and other actions designed to prevent Congress from certifying the election of President Joe Biden.

“President Trump’s January 6 Rally Speech was akin to telling an excited mob that corn-dealers starve the poor in front of the corn-dealer’s home,” wrote Judge Amit Mehta in his decision in federal court in Washington, D.C., against Trump’s motion to dismiss.

Trump in that 2021 speech told a throng of supporters outside the White House “we fight, we fight like hell, and if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” before urging them to march to the Capitol and oppose the confirmation of Biden’s victory.

Soon after, thousands of his supporters invaded the Capitol complex and breached the walls of Congress. Lawmakers fled the Senate and House chambers to hide from the mob, delaying for hours votes to certify that Biden had won the Electoral College vote. Five people died in connection with the riot, and scores of police officers physical injuries and emotional damage from fighting against the invaders.

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