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Newsmax counter-sues Smartmatic, widening fight over U.S. election fraud claims

Right-wing U.S. television network Newsmax Media Inc on Monday countersued Smartmatic Corp, an election security firm that says it was defamed by Newsmax’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election.

Smartmatic sued Newsmax in November for amplifying false claims that Smartmatic voting machines rigged the election against then-President Donald Trump, who persists in falsely claiming his defeat was the result of fraud.

In a response filed in Delaware state court, San Diego-based Newsmax denied it defamed Smartmatic and claimed that the election software firm was trying to censor free speech and intimidate a critic.

“The action brought by Smartmatic against Newsmax arises from and is because of Newsmax’s exercise of its right to free speech in connection with issues of public interest,” Newsmax’s lawyers said in the filing.

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