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Fact check: Image of ‘by the pound’ ammunition dispensers from Texas gun range, not Idaho grocer

The claim: Dispensers sell bullets ‘by the pound’ at an Idaho grocery store

A meme that plays off the reputation of Idaho as a ‘pro-gun’ state exaggerates the state of ammunition sales in the Gem State.

A Jan. 23 Facebook post shows a six-dispenser ‘ammo bar’ as part of a two-image meme. Each dispenser is filled with different types of gun ammunition. The picture’s caption reads, “Bullets sold by the pound in Idaho grocery store.”

In the second image, a driver in sunglasses turns back in his car to yell. The caption of this image reads, “You boys like Idaho (?),” a reference to a popular meme stemming from the 2001 comedy Super Troopers.

The post has gathered more than a hundred shares as of Jan. 31.

But this picture isn’t from an Idaho grocery store. The dispensers, which have attracted interest online, are actually from a Texas gun range.

The Facebook account that posted the meme could not be reached for comment. 

USA Today rating: False

Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that the meme depicts gun ammunition dispensers selling bullets “by the pound” at an Idaho grocery store. These dispensers are instead located at a Texas gun store, the logo of which is on each dispenser. The store has confirmed it built and continues to operate the “ammo bar” after first constructing it in 2019.

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