Many Americans ‘Frustrated’ With Biden After First Year—Approval Numbers Still Better Than Trump’s

Nearly one year into Joe Biden’s presidency, half of Americans report being frustrated with his performance and are unsatisfied with his handling of the economy, high inflation rates and the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a poll released Sunday from CBS News and YouGov.

When asked how the Biden Presidency made them feel, 50% of respondents said “frustrated,” 49% said “disappointed” and 40% said “nervous,” compared to the 25% who said “calm” and “relaxed” respectively.

Inflation, which rose to a recent record of 7% in December, was a big problem area: 65% of respondents said Biden is not focusing enough on it and 70% disapproved of the administration’s handling of the issue—though of those who disapprove of the president, 63% said their opinion would improve if inflation rates decreased.

Biden’s handling of the economy was also a major issue for respondents: 58% said his administration is not focusing on the economy enough, and 62% disapprove of their handling of it.

As the omicron wave caused record Covid-19 infections, 64% said Biden’s handling of the pandemic was “going badly,” and of those who disapproved of his performance in this area, 69% said it’s because messaging has been confusing.

44%. That’s Biden’s approval rating, according to CBS News. It reached a high of 62% in March, and took a major dip starting in October. At this time in their presidencies, former President Obama had an approval rating of 50% and former President Trump had one of 37%.

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