U.S. Capitol has spike in Covid-19 cases among lawmakers, staff and press

The U.S. Capitol has been ravaged by Covid-19 in recent weeks, with the onsite testing center’s 7-day positivity rate jumping from 1 percent to greater than 13 percent, according to the Office of the Attending Physician.

“The coronavirus omicron variant of the SARS CoV2 coronavirus accounts for most coronavirus cases at the Capitol and elsewhere in the United States,” said Brian Monahan, the attending physician of the Capitol, in a letter obtained by NBC News.

The spike is consistent with rising cases across the nation.

The Capitol offers regular testing for lawmakers, congressional staff and the journalists who work there.

The letter attributed 61 percent of the recent positive cases at the Capitol testing center to the omicron variant of the coronavirus and 38 percent to the delta variant. Almost two-thirds of the Capitol patients, 65 percent, were symptomatic, while 35 percent were asymptomatic.

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