Manchin privately raised concerns that parents would use child tax credit checks on drugs

WASHINGTON — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., had privately raised concerns in recent months that parents would use their Child Tax Credit payments — a key piece of the Build Back Better legislation — to buy drugs, three sources familiar with the comments said.

Manchin relayed these concerns in private conversations to his fellow Democratic senators, the sources said.

Manchin also raised private concerns to Congressional colleagues that Americans, specifically West Virginians, would abuse paid leave time and use it to go hunting during deer season, two sources familiar with his comments tell NBC News.

HuffPost was first to remark on Manchin’s remarks.

Manchin said Sunday that he could not vote for the sweeping safety nat and climate change package, puncturing hopes for its passage. He defended his decision in a radio interview on Monday, saying he was “wits’ end” in negotiations with the White House. He didn’t specify exactly what the final straw was.

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