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Kamala Harris to announce new private investments aimed at slowing Central American migration

Vice President Kamala Harris, eager to show progress on one of her most high-profile assignments, plans to announce on Monday $540 million in private investments in Central America as part of the administration’s plan to reduce migration from the area by improving local conditions.

The announcement, previewed by White House officials on Sunday, will bring total private commitments in the region to more than $1.2 billion since May, when Harris began soliciting companies and nonprofits to spend money in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

President Biden asked Harris in March to help curb migration from the region by addressing the so-called root causes, which include poverty, corruption, crime and natural disasters. Since then, the number of people stopped by officials near the border has hit record highs. There is debate over the causes, with many conservatives blaming lax border enforcement and the perception the U.S. has become more hospitable to migrants and asylum seekers. Many liberals point to worsening conditions in home countries and the impact of Covid-19.

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