Capitol Police missed gun at security screening

An affidavit by the Capitol Police officer who arrested a House staffer who brought a gun into the Longworth House Office Building on Thursday shows that the employee passed through security and progressed toward their destination with a loaded Glock 19 9mm handgun.

Officer Justin Lamb recounted his arrest of Jeffrey Allsbrooks, a logistics manager at the Chief Administrative Office, in a statement on Dec. 9, the date of the incident.

Allsbrooks entered Longworth House Office Building around 7:43 am at the South Capitol Street door. Lamb was assigned to the magnetometer in which people walk through at security. Officer Alpha Kamara was assigned to the x-ray screening machine.

Allsbrooks put his backpack and other items through the x-ray machine to be screened and walked through the magnetometer. He then collected his belongings and “proceeded on to their destination.”

Shortly after Allsbrooks went through screening, Lamb noticed what appeared to be a handgun on the x-ray screen. Lamb alerted Kamara to the screen and the door was locked down. The whole Longworth House Office Building was then put on a stay-in-place lockdown.

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